What rights do Fathers have to see their child?

Updated: Sep 8

Fathers have rights. Full Stop. Though termed as Parental Responsibility in the law, Fathers have rights & responsibilities that they can exercise. The question of a father’s right of access to his children frequently takes the headlines, and we often hear of some sad stories of fathers who are not allowed to see their children if the parents are split. After a divorce or separation, children frequently wind up living with just one parent, automatically having relatively restricted contact with the other parent. Divorce has its harmful consequences and invariably favours one side over the other, which is an indisputable fact

Fathers right to see their child
Father & Son

In these circumstances, after the divorce, many parents frequently take the view that English law favours women when issues of child contact and custody arise. The fathers often feel that they have no right to visit their children. A parent, be it a mother or a father who lives in the UK, has the right to take care of their child. However, what if the mother cannot agree? What can the father do to guarantee his rights to visit his children?

What are the rights of fathers over his child?

According to the law, parents are accountable to their children, and that the child is entitled to a continuous and meaningful connection with both parents. As per the law, this relationship between the child and the parents shall be maintained by a court as long as it is safe and acceptable. Both parents are responsible for their offspring. Responsibilities to the child mean attending to every kind of need of the child, be it: emotional, physical, psychological, or economic. Both parents have a shared duty to ensure that all the requirements of a child are satisfied and that their child is given the greatest chance in life to flourish and fulfil their potentials.

What are a father’s parenting responsibilities?

The English law states that parenting includes all the rights, obligations, powers, responsibilities, and authority that a parent of a child has with respect to the child and the property of the child. The parent has a duty to make significant choices in the life of the child

regarding matters such as:

• Medical care and health