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At Court Help Ltd, we are very proud of the service we provide to our clients, see what our clients have to say:

Parent of a Son:

(Complex Orders Granted By Court)

Vik’s thorough preparation was also very useful during the hearing and allowed us to persuade Her Honour to include in the order more aspects in our favour. 

This commendable preparation from Vik is evident in the fact that the hearing finished after 7 PM with Her Honour commenting that the complex order would take very long to get typed as such orders were made only once in few years!

The gravity of the matter single-handed supported by Vik can be assessed by the fact that we received our copy of the favourable order at 8: 30 pm with the order being served by the Honourable Court to the respondent over the phone at the same time and also advised to the relevant authorities simultaneously. 

The entire credit for my timely victory is attributable to Vik, without whose help my child could have been taken away from me forever.

Parent of a Young Adult and Young Child:

Vik was very empathic to my situation and gave me confidence in reassuring me I'm no longer on my own. He is very knowledgeable about the children's act and the children arrangement process. he is very easy to communicate with via whatsapp or facetime.


He gave me all the information I needed to prepare for interviews and was very unbiased about allegations made against me. I actually felt like I was being interviewed by an officer and not somebody that was supporting me.


I would recommend him to anyone that is going through the court process as a litigant in person. The process can be overwhelming especially if it's emotionally driven. I feel that the money that lawyers would cost could be better spent on children when you get great insight into the court process and paperwork involved at a fraction of price with Vik.

Parent of a Teenager:

Vik provided much-needed clarity when I was putting my statement together, resulting in something much more impactful and easy to follow.

This gave me the confidence I would be putting my best foot forward before the court - and from experience, that is 50% of the challenge.

I was impressed at how quickly he understood the core of the case and also his ability to see what I could not, even though I’d been ‘living it’ for years.

Highly recommended.

Review by Parent of a Young Child Case

(Involved in International Jurisdiction Issue)

I would like to leave a feedback about Vik McKenzie friend by whom I was supported at the Court hearing.

Firstly I need to admit that it was very, very stressful time for me but thanks to him I was much calmer. He took care of everything, made sure that everything was right, that no documents are missing, explained to me what’s going to happen at the hearing and during the hearing supported me all the time. And what’s the most important is that the court order was better then I expected! But without McKenzie friend, it would not happened!


Thank you so much again!!! 

Review by Parent of a Young Son:

Vik has been a breath of fresh air when it all feels claustrophobic and looks awful and cloudy. 

Before approaching V I met some lawyers specialising in family law but decided not to proceed with them as the interaction with them seemed very transactional and driven by their commerciality. 

Vik’s approach seems thoroughly meticulous and professional and yet he feels my situation as a real friend with lots of empathy. He painstakingly understood my expectations from my situation. Vik offered real/practical solutions while always explaining the potential pitfalls, risks and outcomes of each of the possible strategies. 

I believe his motive for setting up this venture comes from a noble place in that he genuinely wants to help people in distress by leveraging his knowledge and experience in their difficult time. 

I will highly recommend V from positive personal experience of having sought his help. 

Parent of a Toddler:

I found Vik to not only be understanding and patient but informative and supportive.

Vik clearly understands not only the court process but the emotional process as well and professionally guided me through to make it easier to focus on what was important.

Thanks to Vik I am more knowledgeable moving forward with my case, and all of this was done at 9:30 pm. I couldn't have been happier for his time.

Thank you and Best Wishes

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