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Case Studies

Court Help Limited Case Studies

Contact Case Final Hearing

At the closing of the hearing the Court thanking the Counsel of the Mother and thanking the Mckenzie Friend Mr Bhatnagar saying that it has been helpful to have his assistance and that the Court has been greatly assisted by this.

February 2021


Family Order Appeal

Court Help Limited were approached recently by a couple who had lost custody of their children. They decided they would make an appeal against the decision. We were contacted by the couple and agreed to take their matter on. This allowed us 48 hours to prepare a statement and present the relevant application form to the court.

April 2021


Father gets Live in Contact with Daughter

Another Parent, a Father, (a Client of Court Help Limited), assisted and represented by Vikas  (Right of Audience Granted by Court) wins back the right of the Child to have a meaningful relationship with her Father.

January 2021


Urgent Prohibited Steps Order

Urgent Prohibited Steps Order by Family Court Prohibiting internal relocation until Final Orders

March 2021

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