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Life presents us with situations, where the dream of Happy Family life may sadly seem to shatter.

Terms that we did not know, words like Child Arrangements Order that we did not need to know start getting introduced to us. The child arrangement order costs and interim child arrangement start giving us sleepless nights.

Though each separated parent will like to have a consent order when it comes child arrangements so both parents can serve their parental responsibility, however as the sad fact of life is, that is not always the case. The child arrangement order process is anyways tricky, and then if you introduce, Law, the Legal Justice System, the Practise Directions, the Lawyers, the Solicitors and Court Dates, trust me, it becomes a nightmare, sooner than later.

In such difficult times, we at Court Help Limited can help. We are a company driven by our ethos

As a firm we believe that information in hands of litigants will bring legal and social justice to the humanity and the legal fraternity. Thus we have taken time and effirt to write articles, that speak about different iussues, while these articles do NOT provide legal advise, tehy provide serious thought proces and view on matters on Family Law issues like Child Arrangement orders, Child Law Matters, Care Order Appeals, Child Custody & Contact, Non Molestation Order Defence  & Court Hearings. Towards this ypu may like to read our articles on : 

Though Non-Molestation Orders are made under the Family Law Act, this Act does not have wide-ranging powers compared to the Domestic Abuse Act. However. Our firm, Court Help Limited, specializes in Non-Molestation Order Defence and knows of the impact of the Non-Molestation Orders on those who are falsely accused when the applicants misuse the powers of the Non-Molestation Order. 


This Article is not legal advice and should not be treated as legal advice.



If you need to make a Child Arrangement Orders application you will need a C100 form, if you need help with how to fill a C100 form, please read this article. A step by step guide to fill a C100 form is available for your reference.

Further reading as to how to get Child Custody in England is available here.

If you are a Father trying to get Child Contact or Child Custody and need to know how to go about it, please read this article.

This Article is not legal advice and should not be treated as legal advice.

If you contact us, then we can help you, not just to apply for child arrangement order, but also to help you understand how the matters proceed in the court of law.

 We are here if you need us. Our clients feel valued and supported by us, and you can read our reviews on our website and at

We are committed to helping our client. Contact us on or call us at 07375757510 to speak to us.

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