Our Fees

At Court Help Limited, we keep our fees simple and straight forward. We charge a fraction of the cost of a solicitor.


We charge £75 Per Hour + VAT

Fixed Fee Options are available too.

We charge £100 Per Hour + VAT for Complex Cases

Please contact us for more details.

Court Hearing Fixed Fee

For days when you have court hearings, we will charge you a FIXED FEE. 

The prices for these are:

£250 for a half-day of up to 4 hours in court

£450 for a full day of up to 8 hours in court

Remote Hearing Charges can be discounted for those on benefits & can evidence so.

Travel costs

On Actuals

We believe that Justice should be accessible, not expensive, and surely not such that it breaks your bank, or leaves you in debt, both commercially or socially.

Towards this, we at Court Help Limited charge a Fee much lower than most solicitors, and possibly not just lower but around three times cheaper than the solicitors.