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At Court Help Limited, we take great pride in being an ethical company, please take a further look at out ethos for more information:

Please do read our ethos below:

  • The ascertainable Wishes and Feelings of the child should be duly considered in the court process.

  • Parents need to prioritize children’s best interests and should consider litigation as the LAST resort, not the first.

  • We do not encourage and certainly do not support parents who wish to use the court process as the first port of call.  Litigation should NOT be used as a weapon by either parent and Litigation should be avoided if at all possible.

  • Children have a right to a continuing relationship with both parents, we believe each parent has a unique contribution to make to their children’s development.

  • Children need to be protected from the harm of losing contact with one parent

  • Both parents should be treated equally and if safe then shared parenting should be encouraged, unless the relationship between the parent and child is harmful to the child in any way.

  • The Family Courts should be backed by a nationally-funded mediation service

  • Litigation is not the preferred route for resolving post-separation children’s matters and we encourage solution through mediation, though we understand that this is not always possible

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