Step by Step guide on how to fill a C100 Child Arrangements Order & Prohibited Steps Order Form?

Updated: Sep 4

This is a layperson guide on how to fill out the C100 form?

This article was authored based on the C100 Child form as it currently stands on the 01st September 2021. Should you need any assistance, our firm of paralegals can help you every step of the way. Do note that this is NOT legal advice and should not be taken as legal advice as many factors go into considerations while filling in the C100 form.

Filling out the form is extremely important, as filing a C100 form with the courts typically costs £215.00. Therefore, ensuring it is correct so that your application can be properly reviewed is essential. Here at CHL, we can offer you guidance and even take away the pressure by completing it for you, just get in touch with one of our friendly team members.

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How to fill out part 1 of the c100 form
How to fill out part 1 of the c100 form

1. The Applicant is the person who is making the application. Therefore, you write your first name and last name in the boxes.

2. The Respondent is the person who you are making the application against. So, if this is your ex-partner, husband or significant other, you would write their first name and last name in the corresponding boxes

3. You would then tick which orders you are applying for- Child Arrangements Order which covers who the child lives with and how much contact is with each parent

Prohibited Steps covers how one parent cannot remove the child from the