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SUCCESS! A Mother and Daughter Reunited within 24 hours!

CHL are delighted to share, the story of how they helped a desperate and distressed Mother be reunited with her beautiful daughter...

Justice! A Mother and Daughter Reunited

What was the Background of the Case?

The Mother had been the primary parent for the child, for 3 years, and there was a contact agreement in place. The Father, had moved 2 hours away, and would travel to collect and drop off their child.

When did the Father Remove the Child from the Mother's Care?

The Father, when meeting the Mother to do handover of the child, accused the Mother of being 'out of her box’ and subsequently took the child, back to his home, 2 hours away. He ceased all contact between Mother and daughter.

Why did the Father Remove the Child from the Mother's Care?

The Father proceeded to make allegations that the Mother that is an alcoholic and unfit to care for their daughter, and this is why he had made the decision to keep the child in his care. Whilst the Mother had two years ago, struggled with alcohol use, she had sought help from her doctor and relevant organisations .

Importantly, it was highlighted that in the last two years, there has been no concern as to the Mother's alcohol use and ability to care for the child.

Importantly, it was further highlighted that if the Father had such concern about the Mother's parenting and alcohol use, then why did he, in July 2021, choose to move 2 hours away from her?

Removal of a child from a parent

The Mother believed that the Father has used this as an excuse, as he has said over the last few years that ‘I am going to get her’ (referring to the child).

Mother further believed that the Father had been struggling to afford the travel expenses, to facilitate contact. However, it was his decision to move 2 hours away from his daughter.

What Did We Do?

Taking immediate concern, after a conference with the client, an urgent application was submitted to the Court, for the immediate return of the child.

It was submitted that the child had been uprooted and taken by her Father, and was 2 hours away from her primary care provider, her Mother.

It was further submitted that it was in the child's best interests to be returned to her Mother, who had provided continuous care for the last three years, whilst the Father chose to move away from his daughter and now taken her there, away from her friends, family and school.

It was submitted to the Court that the Father’s decision was detrimental to the child's health and wellbeing.

Court Hearing

Within 24 hours of submitting the application, we were granted an urgent hearing before a Circuit Judge and much to the Mother's relief, the Judge agreed with our submissions and ordered for the immediate return of the child to her Mother, that very same day.

Application to Return the Child

Later that day, we received a picture, of a very smiley Mother and daughter - a heartwarming feeling for us all, and a reminder of why we do this job.

...and the Mother, so happy that she left us a glowing review:

'I would highly recommend CHL. I phoned this company as I was going through a distressing time with my daughter and her father...they saw the urgency of my situation and acted instantly. I was granted a court hearing 24 hours later and we got the outcome we all wanted. I would of not been able to do this without this company and I could not recommend this company enough. I will be forever grateful'

Whilst we hope, no Mother or Father finds themselves in this situation, we as a company, we were thrilled to be able to assist reuniting this Mother and her daughter.

Mother and Daughter Reunited


This blog article should not be taken as Legal Advice.

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