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Justice Granted to another Parent of a Teenage Child

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

This matter involved a contested application for Direct Contact of a Non-Resident parent F (our client) with a soon to be a teenage child and another Parent (M) who had stopped Contact between the child and our client.

While due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot identify the names of the parties and children involved, we can share unidentifiable limited facts as follows:

The Court kindly considered the application of our client for Court Help Limited (CHL), Paralegal, to be Granted Right of Audience in this Final Hearing. The opposite party represented by an able Senior Barrister & a Solicitor’s firm objected to the grant of the Audience. However, the unbiased Court (Senior Her Honour Judge), considering the facts granted the Right of Audience to our Licensed Paralegal.


our able and pointed questioning and cross-questioning of the respective parties and that of the independent witness, we were able to assist the Court to decide the best interests of the child. The judgement led to our client has an order to re-establish direct Contact that included an equal share of holidays and alternate live in Contact of our client with his daughter.

It is not true that the Court’s side with one parent against the other. The courts work in the best interests of the child. Justice delivered, yet again. We are so happy for the child and our client. Justice Prevails.

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