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How do I locate a child during legal proceedings? Which order do you need?

Updated: Feb 29


How can I find my child?

If a child is missing or their whereabouts are unknown and there are ongoing legal proceedings for a Section 8 Order or a child’s wardship, the court has the authority to order anyone to disclose the child's whereabouts.

It should be noted that information or specifics about the child's whereabouts only have to be disclosed to the court.

What order do I apply for to locate my child?

To apply for this order, you have to complete Form C4. This form can be found on (the official government website) here.

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What happens after the order is made?

Following the issuance of the order, the court will typically send a form to the Department of Work and Pensions and/or HMRC requesting information on the whereabouts of the child.

The person named in the order must provide the court with any information of the requested regarding the child's whereabouts if they have it.

This could range from phone numbers in use by the child to people the child was in contact with.

If the information was about a phone number used by a child, this could be:

  • The subscriber's name

  • The installation address

  • Where the phone was last used

  • Billing information

  • Incoming and outgoing call information

Once the information has been obtained, the court will decide what to do with it.

Can others use the information that shared about the child under this order?

No, it should be noted that any information shared by the person named in the order cannot be revealed to any other party without the court's approval.

It is important to note that by law, any statement or admission made in compliance with this order can not be used as evidence anyone in proceedings for any offence apart from perjury

Can the order be discharged?

The designated authority or party requested for the information may petition the court to have the order revoked within seven days of receiving it.

Is there a punishment for breaking the order?

Yes, the order will include a separate attachment of a penal notice for disobeying the order.

The violation of the order will be considered contempt of court, and can result in:

  • Asset forfeiture

  • A fine

  • Jail time.

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