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Director and Managing Principal Paralegal

Vik is the Director and Managing Principal Paralegal of Court Help Limited, he holds a Masters Degree and is a well-respected Fellow Member of the National Association of Licenced Paralegals (NALP). Vik is an exceptionally hard-working professional with consistent dedication to client service and an excellent eye for detail.

Vik has successfully represented and supported clients in High Court (Royal Courts of Justice), Circuit Judge Courts & District Judge's court in complex family law matters including National and International relocation, Child Arrangememt Orders, Injunctions inclusing Non Molestation, child allenation hearings and appeals from Lower courts to Senior courts. 

Vik has accumulated a wealth of in-depth knowledge of the many complex facets of Family Law, including but not limited to Child Act 1989, matters including Child Arrangement Orders, Complex Child Law, International Child Abduction, Special Guardianship Orders, Matters relating to Parental Alienation and International Jurisdiction, Divorce Law, Grandparents Rights, Non-Molestation and Occupation Order Defence and Application, and Appeals to Court Of Appeal in Family Law Matters.

In creating this Five-Star reviewed ICO registered firm, he has also amassed a great understanding in the Child Act 1989, Supplemental Children’s Act 2004, Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and Family Procedure Rules 2010.


With his extensive knowledge of Family Law and admirable communication skills, Vik has earned the Right of Audience in the High Court and received an order favourable to his client. Vik has also been granted the Right of Audience in front of the Court of  District Judges and Circuit Judges, (including in Final Contested Hearing), assisting his clients and receiving orders beneficial to his clients’ time and time again.


Vik goes out of his way to support his clients in a way that suits them – whether that may be after working hours, through phone, video conference, email or messaging. 

Availability: Vik is available only on weekends through a Pre Scheduled Appointment. If you need to speak to Vik you are requested to book an appointment through his secretary in advance. 


Client feedback for Vik:


“ Vik has been a breath of fresh air when it all feels claustrophobic and looks awful and cloudy. 

Before approaching V I met some lawyers specialising in family law but decided not to proceed with them as the interaction with them seemed very transactional and driven by their commerciality. 

Vik’s approach seems thoroughly meticulous and professional and yet he feels my situation as a real friend with lots of empathy. He painstakingly understood my expectations from my situation. Vik offered real/practical solutions while always explaining the potential pitfalls, risks and outcomes of each of the possible strategies. 

I believe his motive for setting up this venture comes from a noble place in that he genuinely wants to help people in distress by leveraging his knowledge and experience in their difficult time. I will highly recommend V from positive personal experience of having sought his help. "

Another client says:

Vik was very empathic to my situation… He is very knowledgeable about the children's act and the children arrangement process. he is very easy to communicate with via WhatsApp or facetime. He gave me all the information I needed to prepare for interviews”

Another client says:

“Although Vik is professional, he is extremely supportive and has been there for us every step of the way; happy to answer calls and emails whenever we wanted to speak to him... His knowledge on family law matters is exceptional”

Another client says:

I would recommend him to anyone that is going through the court process as a litigant in person. The process can be overwhelming especially if it's emotionally driven. I feel that the money that lawyers would cost could be better spent on children when you get great insight into the court process and paperwork involved at a fraction of price with Vik.


Senior Paralegal


Joanne qualified as a solicitor in 2006 after completing her training contract at a large city firm in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  She then relocated to Wales whereby she specialised in Family Law for 10 years.  Her main areas of expertise focused on Child Arrangements Orders, Domestic violence cases and Divorce and Ancillary Relief Proceedings.

As a qualified solicitor she was solely responsible for a large caseload that she ran from beginning to end.  She has numerous years experience in drafting court applications, statements and advocacy in all family matters.

Due to her own family circumstances, Jo Hammond took time away from practice in order to raise her family.  In 2016 she moved with her family to France, where she remains, and has decided to return to the law and wishes to assist clients as a paralegal by working for CHL remotely.


During her many years of practice Jo dedicated herself to ensuring her clients were dealt with efficiently, promptly and in a friendly approachable manner.  

Client feedback for Jo:

Absolutely first class service in dealing with my case I can not recommend highly enough you will not be disappointed - I had a mountain to climb and was overwhelmed by what I was facing but nothing was too much trouble and very professional throughout - first class.

Another client says:
Court Help Limited is an excellent company assisting in a very friendly, committed and effective way people like myself who are thrown into deep and drowning waters of the UK legal system. Mr Vik the CHL Director became personally involved, albeit outside normal working hours, in order to accommodate their legal support service provision for me. And Ms Joanne, an experienced legal expert, diligently and quickly provided me with a legal document ready to submit to the court, despite me requesting their help at a short notice. Definitely, First Choice Company to go to for legal assistance!



Senior Paralegal

Zaynah is our senior paralegal and who aspires to become a solicitor specialising in Family Law. Zaynah did her undergraduate degree at Brunel University and completed her Legal Practice Course at City University in London.

Zaynah has assisted litigants in Family Law Matters such as Child Contact and Injunction proceedings. 

In her four years of Family Law experience, she has accumulated extensive knowledge in Child Contact Proceedings, Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders. Additionally, Zaynah has also worked on Special Guardianship Orders, contact applications for grandparents, appeals,

variations & cases regarding International Child Abduction. Zaynah has attended court on several matters to assist litigants as a McKenzie friend and provide them with guidance and support.

Zaynah has also been in a supervisory role where she has trained and managed staff to ensure the smooth running of the company and positive outcomes for her clients. At Court Help Limited, Zaynah will be leading the junior paralegals in her team.

Zaynah is understanding, compassionate and will always go above and beyond to do her best to ensure that she achieves the best possible results for her clients. She is always eager and ready to go the extra mile to make sure her clients receive the best possible care and service.

Client feedback for Zaynah:

"...Zaynah at Court Help Limited have been with me through my nightmare throughout. They have gone above and beyond, and helped me in so many ways. I am truly grateful for all the hard work they put in. Thank you!

Another client says:

" My divorce solicitor wanted an astronomical amount to process a Non-molestation order and Occupation Order. I looked around and found this company. Being used to dealing with solicitors who couldnt be any more impartions and matter of fact, this was a breath of fresh air. From the moment I first spoke to them I felt like someone for the first time actually cared.


Vikas spoke with me first and was genuinely helpful and concerned for my welfare and made me feel immediately that they had my back and would help.


Zaynah dealt with most of the work from that point onwards and again was extremely helpful, guiding me through every step of the process.


I cannot recommend this company enough. Thank you"


Paralegal & Legal Secretary 

Emma is our Paralegal &  Legal Secretary to the Company Director 


Emma has recently been awarded with a Certificate of Higher Education in Law with The Open University and is currently working towards a Bachelors degree in Law. Whilst Emma is new to the legal profession, she has years of experience  in Management Information Systems and Customer Service based roles - excelling in this field receiving outstanding quality assurance reviews.

Emma has always wanted to peruse a career within Family Law, driven by her passion to help others which is visible to all clients who come across Emma.

Whilst balancing a busy family life, Emma always ensures she put’s the client’s needs first. Emma has a caring, compassionate nature with an eagerness to learn and help families in difficult times.



Preeti pic profile 2.jpg

Associate  External Paralegal Consultant

Preeti Kaur is a paralegal She has ten years of experience in the corporate world working as a Customer Services Manager being praised by our clients for her excellent support by providing both empathy and reliable assistance to her clients.


Preeti has first-hand knowledge and exposure in Family Law Matters, including Child Arrangement Orders, Relocation, Non-Molestation Defence Cases and multiple day Fact-Finding hearings. She has assisted a litigant in an incredibly complex case with a multiple-day fact finding hearing, and when she earned herself Right of Audience she proved to be a successful speaker for her client.

Preeti has first-hand knowledge and exposure in Family Law Matters, including Child Arrangement Orders, Relocation, Non-Molestation Defence Cases and multiple day Fact-Finding hearings. She has assisted a litigant in an incredibly complex case with a multiple-day fact finding hearing, and when she earned herself Right of Audience she proved to be a successful speaker for her client.

Preeti has been granted the Right of Audience in Family Law multi-day Fact-Finding Hearing and has supported many of our clients successfully in the court hearings in Family Law matters.


Preeti will always take the time to listen to her clients patiently and discuss their matters in detail. She suggests how they can be resolved, what application needs to be made, and whether the court's urgent intervention may be required. Preeti dedicates herself to  supporting her clients, and ensures she is available at times often outside of working hours to ensure a positive experience for them. She brings a constant stream of energy to the team.


Client feedback for Preeti:

"I would like to say thank you to Katie, and Preeti assisted for all the service. They have helped me with the child arrangement, maintenance, financial issues that I was dealing with in my family case. I recommend this service 5 stars for very Professional, Supportive, Cost-effective, Great customer service highly recommend.

Thank you again."

Another client says:

"Preeti Kaur was my life saver in my most stressful moments, when I was confronted with a court order and had no idea what to do. Being falsely accused and mentally distressed, Preeti’s kind and calm words of encouragement and support was invaluable! And her support won me a court adjournment, so we can now properly prepare for the hearing.
Thanks so much Preeti!"