Family Law Blog - Child Contact and Custody (Living Arrangement Orders)

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The blog at Court Help Ltd. is written with a view to support parents understand the realities of the functioning of the Family Law.

As a Family Law Paralegal firm, we find ourselves in a unique position to be able to share what is happening in the Family Courts, of course, while completely protecting the identities of the parties involved.

At Court Help Ltd. we are dedicated to Family Law and Technology that assists the execution of Family Law., and this blog is one way of us sharing with you the insights of the real world that exists. not the ones that you read in books.

There are many blogs on many subjects but there are few and far between which talk of Family law. Fewer that really address children matters / Child Law in England and Wales.

This professional Family Law Blog addresses that gap.

The Child act 1989 provides the professionals guidelines to deal with the complex family law matters. This blog is for those who are on receiving end on the Child act: The parents

Here in this blog you will find factual undiluted honest decent measured but unbiased views which are driven by nothing else but the facts as they occur. This will enable you to get information, to learn, to share and to gain the knowledge that you seek around Family Law Matters, specially Child Act proceedings.

We invite you do join our Blog and gain from the relevant information that it will bring to your benefit.

The issues that parents face, weather these are false Non Molestation Applications, based on false allegations, which provide the other party Free Legal Aid to stand a line of Solicitors and Barristers, while the innocent defendant is left to his / her means, these painful facts (not stories) at times are heart wrenching. At times, the carriage of Justice gets impacted, as the initial child law (Child Act 1989) application is seen from the eyes of the Non Mol, which often is a without notice application.

Issues of child contact, of Supervised contact, or that of contact with grandparents, we see these playing in front of our eyes all the time. When justice is granted, humanly and associated to our clients, we feel happy, and when we see miscarriage of justice, especially in the remote hearings of the Covid era it does break our hearts.

While we are committed to under Data protection keep the identities of all concerned well-guarded, the experiences are ours to share without naming the parties.

We are sure that you may have your own experiences, and we invite you to share your experiences in the Family Courts of England and Wales.

This Blog wd requests all those writing to be responsible and kindly use parliamentary language and share their experiences without disclosing the identity of the parties.

If you do need help in Family Law, Child Act Proceedings, including child custody (as it was once called) a.k.a Child Arrangements Order, Prohibited Steps Order, Non Molestation orders or its defence, please do feel free to read this blog. It addresses matters like Special Guardianship, as well as contact with Grandparents and the rights of the Grandparents.

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