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"If the parents are acting in a cynical and opportunistic manner, then that's wrong - Sir Andrew

Updated: May 16, 2021

I write to you to share that this morning the BBC has published an article which we invite you to read (link below). In the article, Sir Andrew, who is in charge of family courts in England and Wales, says those ignoring child court orders could end up facing legal action.

He warns: "If the parents are acting in a cynical and opportunistic manner, then that's wrong, and the courts will regard it as wrong."


If you have been having regular contact with your children/child and the resident parent has stopped this contact than this article may give you a view of the courts thought process. 

However, as a parent, who is visiting the child, or as a parent who has the child with you,  and is having challenges, please do ensure that the guidance is that contact should take place when SAFE. If you are sure that the contact is unsafe (for any reason like self-isolation etc) then please explain that to the parent with whom the child lives / or has contact with. Remember, the best interests of children come first, always. I attach the CAFCASS Guidance on contract for your consideration.

We wish you all the best in these unprecedented circumstances and request that you take that extra step to keep yourselves safe from the invisible threat of COVID 19. 

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